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    Default Cars around the workplace...

    I'm currently working next to the HQ of Peacocks cloathing store (we share the same building) and it's frequently like a car showroom around there. Well today i'd had enough and decided to take a few piccies to show you all how well off some people can become from simple cheap cloathing!

    To start you off, a car that i didn't know had even been introduced yet:

    I Believe this car to be the new Mercedes CL 500 (far right)

    Then more of the good old brute force, the BMW M5 06 plate. (right)

    And finally the Top Boss of this particular establishment has the first two cars licked, (left and far left)

    If any of you are misguided to think that this is an SL, check out the interior and this side views

    Well, thats all, apart from the fact that in our office's cars look like crap... :whistling:
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    Nice pics
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    Those are some sweet cars especially that slr mclaren . Would you be able to get some more pics of the SLR? lol

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    Wow the plate on that BMW "CEO" piss take for sure.. Saw a F430 Spider the other day with a plate saying "BO55 ***"
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    Great pics mate, hope to see some more

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    Like the slr nice, any chance of more pics eh eh


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