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  1. Car Freak is offline loves dirt too
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    Default The Stig is back!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon
    You're impossible, Mark
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark
    Impossible is nothing. Therefore I am nothing...

  2. t.
    t. is offline Retired
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    My FF loaded a black page and nothing else. I assume that's not right, unless it's a really crappy joke.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...

  3. Baltoman is offline Baby Vipah :D
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    Video don't work...

  4. And3rs is offline Here for my yearly visit
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    Video worked fine..

  5. Iced_Bullet is offline Cheese=Milk's Death Route
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    Worked for me.

    I prefer White Stig, his actions / behaviours are funnier (word?) !
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

  6. iBilo is offline ;)
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    I think they should make a Pink Stig. =]

  7. Nodz86 is offline ____________
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    lol, just read this on autoblog and the beeb aparently hasd released a statement

  8. Cakeflour is offline Half Baked!
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    Lol, great video. Though I too like white Stig better. The white color goes along witht The Stig's holy, omnipotent, and some what Chuck Norris-y theme.
    Stiggy returns!

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  9. Microphone is offline #Myk2016
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    Haha, Typical Topgear Humour, brilliant

    Absolutely the most super of all the non-super moderators Your friendly community moderator.

  10. KoenigseggBG is offline Made in 1994
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    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

    In case links aren`t working.

    Just seen it in the Bulgarian TG forum and yes, TG made such a good thing "revealing" the white one. It now makes people all over the world confused, not knowing what will happen next.

  11. Immelmann is offline Custom User Title
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    I liked white stig for the same reasons as Cakeflour.

  12. RB26DETT is offline Banned
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Bullet »
    funnier (word?) !
    more funny.

  13. Jacob is offline Car Aficianado
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    Maybe Black Stig will get in a fight with White Stig and who ever wins is the real Stig

    And for dramatic awesomeness DUN DUN DUNNNNNN

  14. DriftNismo is offline 87 Civic GT
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    Lol, quite funny. Could just be a joke someone did for YouTube though and the BBC thought they would play along with it...

  15. BobbyV is offline insomniac
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    hmm...considering the fact that the Black Stig (Perry McCarthy) revealed his own identity long time go (it happened to be the reason why he was killed by TGs producers) I don't see much of a point in this....or maybe this IS the real Black Stig???

  16. Immelmann is offline Custom User Title
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    How very Top Gear.

  17. Baltoman is offline Baby Vipah :D
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    confusing eh?

  18. macd79 is offline Chuck Norris
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    just noticed in the vid he is even missing a glove. (at the end of that episode a glove was shown floting in the sea)

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  19. Pherelas is offline I'm Going Slightly mad
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    . . . . . . Why is it always a wrong number, what if there in the wrong house? . . . . . . .

  20. CobraDBlade is offline Bought a Supra. Tada!
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    heh, maybe the black and white stig will charge each other to fight, collide, and BOOM! grey (gray) stig!

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