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    Default How were your exams?

    So, how did everyone do on their exams? I wasn't all that happy with my math, 85%, English was a 94 though! Both academic, of course, and the rest were culminating things, you can't write much of a tech exam :/

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    I had mine last December and did well.

    Lowest was 83% and highest was 96%.

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    In the states, I did Midterm Exams. Lowest was a 69% (Spanish i sux at) and Highest was a 88% in Advanced Proficient Physics. (Counts as 98%, A+ cause its a college course.)

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    i got 1 one, 1 three, 1 six and 6 twos.

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    Which means-?

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    i think Six means A, five means B and so on. We use numbers in Norway too.

    I haven't had any exams yet as im 13..

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    I get the results from my AS level(Maths and Chemistry) modules in March, I'm dreading them.

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    i got 6 ones and 2 two's

    one being the best seven being the worst

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    I got 63% in Social studies, 70% in science,43% in math Ftw ,65% in L.A

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    I'm sitting my Preliminary Exams atm.

    Already done :

    Intermediate 2 English
    Higher Mathematics
    Higher Art & Design
    Higher Geography

    And still got to do Higher Biology on Friday.

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    Last exams I have results for we're AS (ABBC) then then have since done A2 modules which biology went well, business went badly and chemsitry I don't know (want AAB but don't happen)
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    I crapped mine up.

    History: 4.2/10 Failed.
    Mathematics: 4.2/10 Failed.
    Economics: 4.2/10 Failed.
    Spanish: 4.7/10 Failed.
    Dutch: 6.5/10 Passed.
    English: 8.3/10 Passed.
    French: 8.5/10 Passed.
    Management: 6.1/10 Passed.

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    I`ll post my marks for the first term, as my last exams were last summer.

    Biology - 4/6
    English - 6/6
    Drawing - 6/6
    Sport - 6/6
    Bulgarian - 5/6
    Maths - 4/6
    Chemistry - 4/6
    Music - 5/6
    German - 4/6

    That`s it for now.

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    I have only had my first marks for the winterterm. My exams are next year :/


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