Bye TDU-C!

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  1. Camel is offline Legendary Classic
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    Default Bye TDU-C!

    I'm back!
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  2. Microphone is offline #Myk2016
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    Of course your welcome back anytime <3

    Its such a shame to see you leave Mellors, but i suppose its for the best, theres no point being here if your not happy.

    You've been a great friend, if theres anything i can do please say

    I hope to see you in the not so distant future

    Absolutely the most super of all the non-super moderators Your friendly community moderator.

  3. And3rs is offline Here for my yearly visit
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    Good bye Mellors, take care. I wish you all the best.

  4. Baldy is offline Wibble Wobble
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    Bye Mellors, it's a shame to see a member like you leave the forum. You've been a great support to the staff, we've had our good and bad times on here. But you won't get rid of me that easy.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

  5. gingervette is offline Corvette = Win
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    I miss you mellors
    U mad bro?

  6. Camel is offline Legendary Classic
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldred »
    Bye Mellors, it's a shame to see a member like you leave the forum. You've been a great support to the staff, we've had our good and bad times on here. But you won't get rid of me that easy.
    No more reports from me, sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baldred »
    But you won't get rid of me that easy.
    Must try harder then

    I have met a load of cool people on here, and will miss them... probably. If you want some Xbox fun with me you'd better hurry up, my live runs out in two months and I probably won't be renewing it for the time being.

  7. beem3r is offline Just a Skidmark
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    Awwwww Well, good that you are thinking about your future etc.. Will miss you deep, and I just got friend with you and all Hope you come back after one week though, hehe

  8. Sponge is offline Spongify
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    Take care mate. All the best for your future

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  9. khevolution is offline Most likely To Hit a Tree
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    Hey Mellors, very sorry to see you leaving TDU-C but as you said it could be for the best, hope you come back soon much happier, erm not great at these types of messages so i'll leave it there before i start to cry

    P.S you know where i am if you wanna chat

    Cya Bud

  10. Immelmann is offline Custom User Title
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    So many huge losses! :cries:

  11. zo6dude is offline Like My Tail Lights?
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    Darn! Good luck and good bye my friend!

    "Real men know how to turn right"
    - Me

  12. RB26DETT is offline Banned
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    More members leaving? Bye Plody.

  13. DriftNismo is offline 87 Civic GT
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    It's a big shame you have to leave, but it's probably best if you need to think things over. I wish you all the best for the future, and you will be welcomed back here anytime by all of us.

    Good luck .

  14. GTAMADDOG is offline Dreaming in Splendour
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    As they always say. Life comes before the internet and gaming.

    I hope it all gets better Mellors, come back any time.

    Good luck and see you around.

  15. TDU 505 is offline Clinically Insane
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    Bye Mellors. Had great fun chatting to you on the ChatBox.
    Hope to see you soon

  16. hpluls is offline Bogan Chariot Aficionado
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    Sorry to see you leave Good luck in life...

  17. Andreas¹ is offline Crazy Duck
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    Sorry to hear about all of this Mellors Hopefully you will get over your problems and get back here soon, we miss you

  18. Nodz86 is offline ____________
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    Sorry to hear your going Mellors. I hope you get sorted what you need to. Take as long as you need and your always welcome back.

  19. Who
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    It's sad to see you go mellors, i'm sure you'll have a warm welcome on your return

    I may be taking a break for a few weeks too, just had relationship problems, and made an idiot of myself last night when drunk, so yeah, i need to clear my head.

    bye guys
    Formerly Crazed Dodgem/Lwsbrck

    I'm not dead!

  20. ShadowGT is offline I <3 Boobies!
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    So long mellors. Good luck with whatever you do

    Leader & Founder of the "Ponies of War" Gaming Comunity

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