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    Default Best Drift Cars In Game

    This would be a list of what u think the top drift cars in game is

    My List:

    Dodge Viper Srt-10/Coupe

    Mercedes Benz CLK GTR




    RUF R-Turbo

    Pontiac Firebird

    Now its your turn to list your favorites
    P.S I no theres another theard like this but its outdated just letting you no before i get complained
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  2. gingervette is offline Corvette = Win
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    I don't drift much. In fact, not at all any more.
    But if I were to drift, these would be the cars I would be using:

    Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

    Saleen S7 (with much practice)

    McLaren F1 GTR (or LM if you have one)
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    I heard the T440 was good

  4. t.
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    R Turbo
    SL 65
    Cadillac 16 (No really)
    Ferrari 308 QV
    Viper Coupe & SRT 10
    S7 TT

    probably a few others I missed but any of those are good. If you're new to it try the R Turbo.

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  5. zo6dude is offline Like My Tail Lights?
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    R Turbo
    V8 vantage
    Mustang GTR

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  6. Jacob is offline Car Aficianado
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    have never tried the vantage

  7. zo6dude is offline Like My Tail Lights?
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    You should its the best on Kelekole Pass!

    "Real men know how to turn right"
    - Me

  8. NitroBlueUK is offline Exoticar Driver
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    TVR 440R
    Camaro Z28
    Aston Martin Vanquish
    Saleen S281 Extreme Coupe

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  9. ShadowGT is offline I <3 Boobies!
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    My second baby (First is the Falcon XR8 Mod) the Pontiac Firebird.

    Leader & Founder of the "Ponies of War" Gaming Comunity

  10. Brazzucca is offline The Red Button of Doom!
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    The damn F430, it's almost impossible to drive till in line, making curve you dance;
    Lamborghini Countach;
    Z28 and Skyline are delicious;
    Oh my... S7 you need to start turning one block before, hehehe.
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  11. a nugget is offline BNR34 FTW!!!
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    kawasaki ninja... Jk
    saleen s7
    corvette zo6
    audi s6
    ruf rt 12

  12. MB 300ce 24v Guest
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    My Favorites is :

    Saleeen s7

    Ruf Rturbo

    Ruf Rt 12

  13. Cimanu is offline Just a Skidmark
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    I'd say...
    maserati spider cambroicsa thing
    the slow vette, C6 I think
    ford GT
    360 challenge stradale (with custom sound ofcourse)
    maybe the noble m12 (I run the impreza mod on it)

  14. superhyper is offline mamamamamamamadness
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    My favourites:

    #1:Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster
    #2:Saleen S7 Twin turbo
    #3:Ruf Rt12
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  15. me™ is offline *turbo whistle*
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    Nobody mentioned the DB7 Zagato. Stick it in 3rd, floor it so it's bouncing off the rev limiter and it slides nicely.

    Although, I drive it tuned to stg3 and in hardcore mode.

  16. nitrox is offline HC ES ! <3
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    Ruf RT12
    Gallardo Spyder
    Murci Spyder (no really, it works)
    Ruf RGT
    Ruf Rturbo
    Nismo 350Z

    Ford Focus RS
    2.5 litres Inline 5 TurboCharged Engine
    simply said, "A Beast Amongst The Cars"

  17. xsmatt81 is offline Just a Skidmark
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    no love for 288GTO on here

    the car handles a dream at high speeds, and is suitabe for drift.

    I placed 2nd in a 8 player downhill last night against a bunch of enzo's

    I just took my time, downshift and drifted the turns..while the enzo's florred it into trees and guard rails

    the 288 is a very nice car, I dont see many driving them on the island.

    it's plenty fast when upgraded aswell

  18. StrickenHAWK? is offline Car Aficianado
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    s7. God like accelleration, pretty nice for drifting.

  19. MaddogK is offline Speed-Freek
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    #1 Lotus Exige lvl 3
    #2 Noble M12 lvl 2
    *both rather slow (185 mph TOPS)
    The Corvettes should be good, but the weird shift lag between 1-2 and 2,3 breaks the rear tires loose at the most inconvenient moments, and neither has very good brakes.
    The Ford GT also should be, but isn't.
    The Murcialiago is pretty good but it's dog in acceleration.

    I always end up back in the Noble, too bad the faster cars aren't as well balanced, but if you drive an F1, do you really want to stop quickly ?

    ...your opinions may differ from mine.

  20. Variodical is offline Hot Hatch
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    Pontiac GTO ( very easy to control)
    Aston V8 Vantage (same)
    Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    Chevrolet C6 Corvette (standard)
    Aston Vanquish S
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