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    Default Graphics card for GTA IV

    OK I have a BFG G-Force 7900GTX 512MB

    my system is:

    Windows XP Pro with service pack 3
    Mobo: Asus P5Q-PRO
    chip: Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40Ghz
    Ram: 4Gig
    Sound: SB Audigy 4

    I have installed gtaiv 3 times but get so stressed with the graphics lag I uninstall it as its unplayable.
    I have added the intro patch and the V2 patch but still the same I have adjusted all the things I can to try and play it but it looks as though I gotta get a Graphics card?

    so on a budget of 120 whats out there worth it and not ATI
    has to be n-vidia based PCI-E

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    Why not ATI?

    Your motherboard can support it, plus ATI 4850 is 100 and has same(if better) performance then a 230 Nivida 260.

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    Nono, HD4870 is equal to GTX260 might even better

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    why does it have to be nVidia. your not going to get much for 120

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    Try to overclock your processor, GTA IV needs more from that than your videocard. And like Austin said, go for the 4850 or 4870 they are cheap and fast

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    SLR is right, it is mainly a processor game. I can't upgrade (No moneh), so I just close all unimportant processes. Give that a try, and maybe tone the graphics down a bit, I get an average of ~13FPS with 200 of graphocs 487MB used.

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    I've always found that the ATI Xenos works perfectly.

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    Ooh! Those ATi Xenos look interesting, might change it in the box to a more powerful, if it works though


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