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    Default An Interesting Find (related to TG Polar Challenge)

    Hey all, I am currently doing a portfolio for my language studies, and happen to be using the Top Gear: Polar Challenge as one of my texts. (The area of study is belonging/not belonging)

    Anyway, researching further into the episode I found THIS interesting insight into what really went on behind the scenes. If you look at Emil's Diary it gives you a day to day account of how the events unfolded and all. I just thought I'd share this little bit of information for anyone interested.. And yes I know this is now a fairly old episode of Top Gear..

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    Thank you for sharing. I don`t care it is an old episode, it was a very good one. I had my laugh and watched it many times. Still remember 2-3 scenes :

    1. When Jezza was driving with May still sitting on that...urm...yeah.
    2. When they were eating in the Toyota and Jezza showed that Jesus figure
    3. When Hammond kept falling from the sledge all the time

    Thank you again.


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