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    Default Your 5 Favorite Household Products

    You can get some absolutely amazing household products for very cheap these days, especially from JML and other companies like them, so I was wondering: What are your 5 favorite household products?


    1.) Wire Cheese Slicer
    It's got a normal plastic handle and is like the shape of a rectangle, but at the top has a large portion of the handle cut out with a wire being tightly held straight and it cuts cheese brilliantly (kept cutting myself with a shovel-looking cheese slicer and I end up with huge cheese blocks when I use a knife )

    2.) Battery Charge Display (not sure what it's called )
    Very simple, it has a dial going across a small display at the front (much like the dial on the Buick Regal GNX) with Poor (in a red section), Good (in a yellow section) and Very Good (in a green section), and you just lift the lid-thing that's on a hinge up, place the battery on the bottom metal bit on the product and put the lid (with the top metal bit on it) resting on the top of the battery and it tells you how much charge it has . VERY useful for when I find batteries laying around .

    3.) Tape Device w/ Handle (not sure what this one is called either)
    Very simple again, you put duct tape in it and there's a blade-type-thing on the end with some tape hanging on, you just put the top of the tape on a box or something and pull, making it very easy to tape up boxes without touching the tape .

    4.) Universal Remote
    I think everyone knows what a universal remote is, but if not, it's a remote that you can set to control everything, so I can control my TV, my DVD Player, my PS3 and my VCR with the same remote . VERY useful.

    5.) USB Stick
    Not sure if it counts as a household product, but it is very useful not just for school, but seeing as my dad is always on his laptop and my mum is always on... one of her gadgets (she has a netbook, a laptop, 2 portable scanners, 4 phones (all on different networks), a digital photo frame, a few portable video/photo/music players, a new iPod Nano, an iPod Classic... to name a few) and I'm always on my computer or laptop it's useful when one of us download something useful and we can quickly and easily share it with each other.

    You don't have to do descriptions for everything, I just thought I would seeing as I don't know much of what things we own are called xD.

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    1. cadbury
    3.coals orange juice (home brand)
    4.bbq sauce

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    1 dvd recorder
    2 blender
    3 microwave
    4 cuilllit bang
    5 oreo's

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    1. My desk
    My PC is there, I do my homeworks there, all the small stuff is in there. It`s a big heavy, made of real wood but it looks good.

    2. Our sofa
    My favourite place for resting. It`s not big but it`s comfortable. I`m using my laptop sitting on it, even now.

    3. The stereo in my room
    It`s kind of old but produced very good quality music. I have 2 big subwoofers and 2 speakers. It has tapes, cds, radio and recording.

    4. Our washing machine
    We changed it like 2 months ago. It`s Electrolux and it washes so good.

    5. My bed
    I enjoy lying there, reading a magazine or a book or playing on my phone.

  5. Who
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    1. Toaster
    2. Grill
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Key hanger (where alse would i store my bike keys )
    5. Tumble Dryer
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    1. My queen size bed...thats where the magic happens
    2. The shower...rain water shower head, feels soo good.
    3. Microwave, I wouldn't survive other wise.
    4. My desk, all 63 issues of RC Driver, free from my school.
    5. Washing Machine. Sounds so cool at high speed.

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    1. Tumbleweed
    2. Bed
    3. My big amp, 9 speakers and 1 big sub
    4. HDTV (PC monitor)
    5. Laptop, full of awesomeness

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    1) My Computer
    Sure its old and pretty bad compared to some peoples computers, but I built it, and it has served me better than anything else I own.

    2) Sky+
    If you don't have Sky+, you are missing out. It works so seamlessly and simply that even my mum can (sort of) use it.

    3) PS3/HDTV
    So the PS3 cost a lot, but I don't care. Buying it on release was a good thing, as I have one which plays PS2 games as well. And my beautiful TV is wonderful as a second monitor too.

    4) My Camera
    Not that new, not the best lenses i the world, but it has allowed me to prove to myself that I am good at it. And it has given me something to be proud of.

    5) iPod
    Again, only a 5G 30GB, but it has served me well. It isn't slowed down by coverflow like the new ones are, and with my CX300s are also great. Keeping me occupied in journeys since 2006.

    THats the overall jist of things for me. I don't have the newest, most expensive, best tech in the world, but I love what I have and it has given me many years of what I want. And I won't get rid of them until they finally die.

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    1. Toilet Paper
    For Obvious Reasons...

    2. Case of Green tea gingerale
    It tastes good and is good for u

    So i can get clean

    4.Queen size bed
    For Chillaxin and Reasons that cant be listed



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