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    Default what do the names on tdu mean

    hi i have recently got tdu online due to a new, faster internet connection, and i was wondering what the names of the people you drive with mean, like the logos and things, and also what does it mean when they're name is in orange?

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    The redder the name the better the connection you have to that person. White usually means they're going to start lagging or disconnect. The 'H' symbol you sometimes see some people using means they are in Hardcore Mode. No it doesn't mean that they're driving one handed, this means that they are using the special mode achieved at Champion Level where the physics are unrealistically real. Yeah you read that right.

    A sort of # symbol means disconnecting or bad connection and || means they are paused.
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    TDU FAQs ~ Click Here !!!

    Topics of interest in relevance to your question:

    * FPS Counter
    * GPS Explained
    * Chronopack
    * Map Legend
    * Hardcore Mode
    * View Modes
    * Game HUD
    * Player Symbols
    * Instant Challenges
    * Drivers Interface
    * Map Explained

    Those topics will pretty much cover any icons, etc you will see on your screen at any given time whilst playing... the red highlighted subjects are more related to your question than the others!
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