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    LFS S2 is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving. It is therefore highly recommended to drive the sim with a steering wheel, because even though you can use keyboard and/or mouse, a wheel is what you use in a real car, so a wheel should be used in a serious racing simulator. Especially when going online, where fast reactions are required.

    In S2 you can race alone or against the AI, but the real fun is to be found online, in multiplayer mode. Racing against real people is simply the best thing and LFS makes it easy for you to do so. There are also several online racing leagues you can take part in, if you are looking for something with a more competitive edge.

    A serious simulator obviously requires a very good physics simulation to provide the thrill and fun of real racing. This is done by simulating all aspects that are important to racing. LFS S2 is the second step towards our vision of what the sim must become and already does a very good job in simulating real racing. Many racing aspects are covered - comprehensive setup possibilities, fuel usage, tyre wear, a lot of different surface types, intriguing racing environments, different car classes, etc. All these aspects make sure you have enough to practise with and spend time on learning the flow of the tracks. Additionally, don't forget to plan your pitstops - find out how much fuel your car uses on a track and how are your tyres behaving on any track, with your driving style. All aspects you will have to think about in real racing and as such you need to think about them in S2 as well.

    S2 is a significant improvement over S1; important features have been added. For example dynamic camber (improved simulation of suspension and different suspension types), highly detailed tyre physics and a damage model have been introduced. Also the additional content in S2 should be noted - where S1 mostly contains the 'medium' fast cars and tracks, S2 introduces several 'fast' classes (and 'slow').

    So where can I get S2?
    You can download S2 ALPHA from our download page
    This download will initially act as an S2 demo, allowing access to 3 cars and 1 track environment only. If you want to access all the other content, a license must be bought. Please see the 'Read Before You Buy' and 'Buy Online' pages for more information on licenses.

    That part ^^ is copied from there website which is and know i'll just say my view.

    The game only has 4 real cars currently but the Volkswagon Sirroco Will be coming to LFS soon as its in the final stages of being made. There is only 3 devs and new content doesn't come every month or so but when it comes its very worth it as its very realistic and detailed well. The graphics arn't amazing but there not crap eather which is good as LFS can be played on most computers. Since this sim is a multiplayer sim there is not much single player. The AI also are not the best but like i said there is only 3 devs so its not going to be instant. You are not aloud to mod the game but you can make skins for the car and there is some addons to make things look a little better. If you do mod the cars or crack the game and get the S2 cars on singe player your acount will get banned as editing or making new cars is illigal and the ame go's with tracks you make a new track you get banned. I know it sounds strict but it isn't that bad acually. There is a demo and the people on it arn't the best but there are a few good servers. So instead of getting the demo with people that like crashing into you i would highly recommend getting the full version which is only 24 pounds. People on LFS S2 are way nicer than the demo racers but like i said there are some good demo people. So All in all i would highly recommend this game to try and getting the full version is worth it as i've had S2 for about 2 years and its still my best purchase ever.

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    You don't get banned for using .vob mods... You get banned for sharing them around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [TC] Nipper »
    You don't get banned for using .vob mods... You get banned for sharing them around.
    oh ya i sometime get confused there. btw on the lfs forums i am swisscosmo


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