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    What are these Diners for, can you do races or something in them or are they just for club races. I've had the game for ages but have never been in a diner and never knew what they are actually there for

    I f anyone knows i would appreciate it alot. CHEERS

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    The Diners are where you can race and participate in user created challenges. All the challenges listed in the Diner are by online players who have created the challenge via the Editor (Start > Editor). They then do a test run, choose the vehicle category, penalties and then set an entry fee and prize. All participants pay the entry fee and try to win the challenge, if they win they get the full prize and the user who created the challenge gets 10% of the prize so say 200,000 prize user gets 20,000.

    And that's essentially it.
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    Cheers Diablo, at least i now know what they are now. Ive been tryin to find out for ages but never got around to asking anyone, it only came to me when i was on tdu earlier. but anyway thanks



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