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    Default People think it's ridiculous...

    Okay, I'm getting a lot of mixed opinions on something. People think my calculator is ridiculous, so I want to know what you guys think. Maybe some of it is a bit more than I actually need for grade 9, but I wanna do mechanical engineering after high school, so why spend money on a slightly better one each year when you can just spend, uh, er $300 on this?

  2. Camel is offline Legendary Classic
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    Uhm, I think that $300 for a calculator is a tad bit over the top, why not buy like a $50 calculator that probably does the same then spend the other $250 on other crap lol

  3. TDU 505 is offline Clinically Insane
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    Its a GC right?
    What special function does it have that warrants its premium over other GCs?
    Integrated iPhone?

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    It's their top CAS. The last generation one must have been neat, people managed to get in and run Super Mario Bros on it.

    Anywho, there doesn't seem to be much it can't do. We were actually goofing off talking about how I could type a note on it or put one on it from the computer and use it as a cheat sheet for exams XD

  5. SLRRR is offline Ace
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    For school i had to buy a calculator from 100 EUR

  6. iBilo is offline ;)
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    Rip off, just get a Casio calculator, they're really good at low prices.

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    I'm out of waffles.

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    Make more of them then! GIMME WAFFLE!!!!!!!111

    $300 is a bit much, but this thing seems pretty good.

  9. Who
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    Don't bother with that, over here the most advanced thing that we used in high school maths was the cos-1 etc. stuff for trigonometry, you'll only need a calculator that powerful if you want to do maths (statistics) or physics in college. and you might as well buy one closer to the time if you're doing that cause they'll be even more powerful
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