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    Default How well do you really know cars?

    Yep its another one of those "test your car knowledge" quizzes...

    Was called on by my dad to represent him on another forum... Got 19/20
    I think for most here, this shouldn't be too difficult.

    Oh and the one question I did get wrong was about Hummer, which doesn't exist in this part of the world, so it's not my fault

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    I got 14 Some questions I just didn't read properly, and some questions were just hard. Uhm.. That's my attempt at escaping anyway

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    I got 14 too... The ones I got wrong were the "tagline" ones (most of them weren't used where I live), and some other ones which were just... unusual

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    Got 17/20, becuase I'm not American, so have never heard the tagline 'Shift' or 'Pursuit of Perfection' ever before.

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    19/20, the only question i got wrong was when i clicked the wrong one, well, tapped the touchpad instead of moving it >.<


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    uhm, I got 19

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    Suprisingly enough I think I got all the American questions right, apart from the Pontiac logo. Ahwell.

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    14/20, and I've never heard "Shift" before, nor have I heard "The Pursuit of Perfection" so I assumed it was Infiniti (sounds like something they would say). I've also seen all those colours for the KIA badge before in an advert, so that confused me a lot, and I read the location question wrong.

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    LOL, that test should be called how well do you know the adverts for cars.

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    I got the last one wrong. These questions are mostly American car market based I'm guessing based on the questions.

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    18/20, I didn't know the one about the Hummer and the one about the Lexus.

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    I was wrong at the city question, the Shift and the Matrix question.

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    I know nothing about cars.

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    12/20 Damn, those taglines were hard!

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    very good for me

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    18/30, knew the hummer one but not the shift, or the states thing.
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  17. Who
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    18/20, but most of it was process of elimination, although i was proud to know the corolla one
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    I am such a lucky guesser on some of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mb »

    I am such a lucky guesser on some of them
    *gives Mb an envious look*

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