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    Default Attention all Motorcycle owners!!!!!!

    PSA: Report says motorcycle seats not responsible for impotence, erectile dysfunction

    by Jeremy Korzeniewski on Jan 27th, 2009 at 4:56PM

    Male members of society have long concerned themselves over the potential harm that could possibly be done by riding a two-wheeled machine. The issue first crept into the public consciousness over a decade ago as professional cyclists would torture themselves with the smallest and lightest slab of a seat as possible in an effort to gain a competitive edge, but the issue has recently come back up regarding motorcycles and scooters as well. This, despite the generally well-padded nature of most modern saddles.

    According to a study presented by Randall Dale Chipkar, author of Motorcycle Cancer? and patent holder of an "electromagnetic shielding motorcycle seat," the subtle vibrations caused by modern motorcycles does not cause impotence, erectile dysfunction disorder, or cancer. But, that doesn't mean we riders are out of the woods just yet. If the problem isn't vibration and pressure on your unspeakable nether-regions, what could possibly cause you harm? Low frequency electromagnetic fields, apparently, which Chipkar says can be generated by the electrical bits on modern machinery.

    Color us unconvinced until further studies are performed. In the meantime, may we recommend tinfoil helmets?

    [Source: Chipkar Health Concepts Limited; Image: BigBikeRiders]

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    watch yer nuts when that sucker blows a piston.

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    Paging for Who. Paging for Who. Please come in Who.

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    You`ll get your [clear] cooked on this one...but the seat heating on the cars does the same thing but slower.

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    Looks painful

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    it IS painful

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    Bicycles FTW!


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