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    Default Sup folks

    Just picked up the 360 version of the game last week and been loving it. Hope to meet some folks to cruise with on here

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    Default Re: Sup folks

    . . . . . . Why is it always a wrong number, what if there in the wrong house? . . . . . . .

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    Default Re: Sup folks

    yo WAZZAT M8

    darn, i wont speak like that going to get a long post to welcome you and making me a funny guy

    sorry to be kinda rude but i think its quite funny

    I am the one in bold letters.

    I have 2 dolphins. Can you guess where they eat?

    When you leave , shut the door.

    WOW!!! FANCY THAT!!!

    Run with scissors. Run at the pool. RUN FORREST RUUUUN!!!!

    Stay here. Really , stay for longer than president Nixon would.

    If you don't , I will have to play the accordion to you whilst wearing a kilt. But I can't play the accordion. So I'll eat a bagel. OK?.

    Squirrels. Squirrels dude. And some Beavers aswell.

    OK you , be nice to your cat , Vacuum your room & be nice to your mother.

    Enjoy your day but do not get overly excited at the very notion of a water skiing monkey.

    If you make 10 posts then leave , you will 10 post leaver.............yeah.....take that. hah.

    PREY. PREY. I am upside down but I'm really on a right angle , perpendicularly askew & adjar to the left wall next to me.

    Have a nice , not good , but a nice day. OK. If it's good I will not be impressed , amazed , excited , worked up , bedazzled or any other word someone cares to mention.

    so was that funny at all? just found this quote on the net
    Signature removed due to rule violation.

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    Default Re: Sup folks

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook then Robbie. Anyway welcome to the board boosted and thanks for signing up and we'll be sure to lookout for you on the island !
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Default Re: Sup folks

    lol Robbie. Welcome to TDU Central Boosted
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