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    Unhappy UK - European Car Club (Closed, Unless People want it to come back) ;)

    Hello!, Welcome to The European - UK TDU Car Club.

    Rules and Regulations:
    1. The Car Must be British or European.
    2. The Headquarters of the Club is the First House you Have, Only with a Garage with 4 Cars to sit in it I will buy a New Bigger Expansion to the Club.

    Hey Guys.
    This Club is about the Unique Brilliant Quality Cars that European cars have, Passion, Beauty.. Soul. Bring any European Car along and Give it a Spin in races.. Cruises and Drifts. Each Month we will have a Meeting at My house or If I get a Bigger better one Ill set it there But for now Lets get on With The APPLICATIONS!

    Gamertag: -
    Car: -
    Level: -
    Favourite Thing to do: (e.g. Drifting Cruising.. Etc):

    Did I Forget To mention That this Club is a Any level, Pay Free Club!, Each Couple of months Members will Round up a few of unwanted cars and we will Auction!, Low Mileage to High Mileage
    We will be able to Trade from time to time, Also if you Find a Bargin on TDU Central then Buy then Show it off to us at our Club, Anyway we wont be jealous of your car we’ll Compliment the car , and say if it was a Good buy.

    P.S The Club Is in Construction and Is Recruiting!, I will Get Xbox Live soon But for Now C YA and Sign up Plz!

    Status: Closed.
    Recruiting: Sorry Thats a No.. I left the Writing for People to think what it would be like.
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    That sucks because i wanted to join.


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