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    Default my dads 2001 BMW 330CI

    i relly wish that BMWs are available in TDU

    anyways, heres my dads 330CI, has a great low sound with a stock exhaust which is quite cool and weird at the same time

    they were very big, like but i resized them, i think

    proof for it being really a 330CI lol

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    Default Re: my dads 2001 BMW 330CI

    Nice, little touches remind me of the M3 but thatas more subtle. Is it quick? With a 3.3 engine I would suppose it is.
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    Default Re: my dads 2001 BMW 330CI

    Nice car, i want one of those
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    Default Re: my dads 2001 BMW 330CI

    you need bigger rims on a car that nice, who cares about handling!

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    Default Re: my dads 2001 BMW 330CI

    we never thought of bigger rims, we dont care much on that, and 19 inch rims do mean better track times, but who cares, its not me whos driving it lol

    and yes it is quick, the G-force pulling you back when the car jumps off the traffic, oh its quick, 6 seconds is really nothing, i mean this sentence takes almost 10 or more seconds for you do read, so its kind of half of the sentence and you will be ging 60mph...its quick, and i think it only has a 3.0 Inline 6 engine, the E46 M3 has a 3.2 litre inlune 6....well its only maybe one word to describe it

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