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    Default In-car rev mismatch... what gives?

    Hi all,
    not sure if this is a universal 'feature' of TDU, but some of the ingame tacho's are on crack.

    Example: Noble M400 - rev limiter goes up to about 8.5k, the 'outside view' hud reflects this correctly but in the car it bounces off at about 7.5k. What gives?
    Example #2: Ford Mustang GTR concept. Outside view shows the digital rev meter. Inside view has a nice blank red readout.

    Is this just another wonderful feature marring this otherwise fun game? Starting to get frustrated having to continually 'guess' where to shift (or judge from the drivers hand going to the shifter).

    If anyone could shed some light that would be great... done a few searches and haven't been able to turn up anything about this problem.


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    Atari rushed it methinks.

    As for shifting, just use your hearing. I always redline in neutral to get to know where to shift (I usually shift roughly 500k revs before redline when racing)

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    Same thing with the spedo.. usually 10 km/h above actual speed.. kind of annoying, when you're cruising with incar-cam.


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