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  1. Wind in test drive unlimited
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    Can you make wind in tdu or can anyone tell me how to do it, please? There is a link: The strongest wind is in Kailua(more than 170 km/h).
    SORRY for my english

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    I'm afraid it is not possible. You would have to write tonnes of code and also break the database encryption. Currently it is impossible.

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    Isn't there already papers and leaves flying around..?

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    Default asd

    yes, but i want strong wind which is blowing in the car

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    The concept of wind is already in the game (leaves and papers flying around, slipstreaming abilities, etc) but like Danger Mouse said, there would have to be a hell of a lot of work to do, and I mean a HELL of a lot of work to do. But hey, everyone once said modding new cars into the game was impossible, and we were all proven wrong .

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    Default dsa

    hehe, ok thanks, i hope one day someone will make this environment mod

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    Well you can find two files at \Euro\Bnk\FX named "Weather" and "Weather_HDRI" depends on you using HDR or not, open it with a text editor, and you can see tons of gadgets. These files includes like a hundred of blocks for each weather type in TDU, for different sun standings and so on. You can see a line for example "WINDSPEED = 9.27067" in every block.

    AND NOW, BEFORE YOU BLAME ME!! It's just a tip, I don't need stronger winds I never tried this and I don't want too, but I guess MAKE A SAFE COPY of the HDR or ninHDR version you're going to edit, then make some try with writing higher values for it.

    It might worth it, good luck!!


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