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  1. Jaguar XK mod (conversion to XKR)(lights badges etc.)
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    heres my mod for the Jaguar XK coupe and convertible. both have been given the same treatment.

    List of mods:

    headlight surrounds (black)
    rear lights (darkened colour)
    Jaguar badge (front, now green tint)
    front indicators (colour still orange though different shade)
    Rims (from XKR already ingame, painted black)

    Also suggest use of S71NG3R's Spyker C8 sound mod. (sounds a lot better than the original 'electromobile' sound )



    Note: all changes seen on Coupe have also been changed on Convertible. just using 2 cars for pics to save time.

    Note 2: "after" pictures 1,2,3,4 are before the inclusion of the "R" badge on "after" pic 5.
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  2. Jaguar XK mod (conversion to XKR)(lights badges etc.) Comments
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    looks great i'll be downloading that
    you mind linking me to that (spyker) sound mod?

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    nice work dude....

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    looks stunning! dl now!

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    Brilliant, Jags rule. Good old british cars. lol
    Definately a dl

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    hi, i am new here, can you send me the sound of XK its my fav car

    thanx a lot


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