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    Default Back from California

    I just got back from my grandpa's funeral in sacramento california. It's an 8 hour drive to get there, but it feels like you're on a different planet, the weather is warm unlike oregon, and people drive very fast. I stayed at my cousin's house. They have a Nissan 350z, mazdaspeed3, acura tsx, yamaha r6, and, a lexus es 350. It rained when i was there so we went drifting on the 350z. The yamaha motorcycle was extremely fast (4 cylinder/ 180hp). people there are crazy drivers.

    California is a good place to go on vacation

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    Glad you had some fun amidst the sorrow
    Welcome back

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    Sorry for your grandfather, hope you`ll feel better soon. But your cousin have all this cars...

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    its good you had some fun to take your mind off things. just remember we are all here for you at TDU-C.

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    Sorry to hear that. I hope you will have a nice holiday there

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    Sorry to hear about your grandfather But nice to hear that you had a good time

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    Sucks about the negativity but at least you did something to make you happier on the trip!

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    Sorry to hear about your Grandad, but im glad to hear you had a bit of fun on your trip

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    Too bad for you're grandad, but I agree about Cali being a nice place

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    Sorry to hear about your grandpa . But yeah, California rules. It was so surprising when I went there that the average done up car was actually modified properly .

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    sorry for your grandpa

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