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    Talking Lambo ATV

    Embrace your inner child with a Lambo ATV

    by Alex Nunez on Jan 23rd 2009 at 12:55PM

    The 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon was loaded with the usual assortment of wild and wacky tuner fare – same as always. But tucked among the cars are hidden treasures like the wee beastie shown above. Liberty Walk/LB Performance are Japanese Lamborghini tuners, and in addition to showcasing a selection of the supercars they've worked on, they also showed off a couple of ATVs they re-bodied to look like super deformed little Murcielagos. Miniaturized dimensions, big alloys, low-profile tires – this is what Power Wheels would look like if they made 'em for grown-ups and cost $20,000. Dad, can we have one? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

    From Autoblog.

    Does this mean that next months donation target is $20,000?????

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    Haha, i so want one!

    Not really an ATV, i mean, look at the ground clearance on it.

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    Haha nice found Nodz! Now that's something to cruise around in lol

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    Wow that would be amazing to drive to tesco in. I'm sure everyone would mistake it for a real one!

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    Okayyy then, that looks really wierd.. I should buy Madelen one (One week old baby)

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    Haha Thats awesome. I want one Anyone have a spare $20,000 i can "borrow"?

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    i want one too..but
    i doubt if i fit in there :P

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    Hmmmm.....I think I need to start saving. *Puts a handful of pennies into Piggy bank* Oh yeah! Lambo ATV here I come!

    Stiggy returns!

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    I would take the Lambo tractor and run over that...

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    LOL, the guys over here would love that!

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    Just noticed that the side indicator (if thats what it is) in fornt of the front wheel arch looks like its been nicked of a MK1 Focus lol

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    Nice one i want it

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    nice but i don't like atv's

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    I wouldn't buy one unless they took out the handlebars and replaced them with a real steering wheel.


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