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    Default Decisions.....

    I've been doing some thinking...and I can't decide what to spend my money on at the end of the year.

    I estimate that I will have about £400 if I buy about 3 or 4 games between now and then and I have narrowed my choice down to a few things:

    HDTV = up to £450
    Playseat + MS Wheel = £280 :bananaskip:
    PS3? = £425
    Save my money.....

    Something else?

    Your thoughts please.

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    Default Re: Decisions.....

    Get a 32" HD, well worth the £450

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    Default Re: Decisions.....

    If you have a 360 I think you'll get the most out of an HD tv as it is the future and saves you upgrading then.
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    yea buy a hd tv for the great picture it offers and for ur 360 you wont regret it

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    HD TV lol
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    HDTV no opposition !!

    seeing O'ahu in HD quality will be awesome !!

    Damn I need to get an HDTV myself !!
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    I think we all think you should get the HD TV go on you know you want to

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    get a ariel atom!!oh wait thats 400..sorry

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    whahah HD-TV brings you more pleasure since you can watch all games in better resolutions and also imagine if there are booth babes in forza 2
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