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    Default HELP - Drive in Challenges

    Hey. I won a drive in thing the time just ran out like its not on list anymore and i did win it. but its not coming up wtf? some1 beat me then i went back and beat them so i won it and its not coming up saying that i did and not adding 2 my list - like saying i won 1/2 and its not even saying that i took part in 3..

    If that makes sense.

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    TDU FAQs ~ Click Here!!! (subject Diner Challenges) . . .

    Hey. I won a drive in thing the time just ran out like its not on list anymore and i did win it.
    you will have won the challenge but then another player beat your time, in order to win you must beat that second player before the challenge hits its deadline...

    in order to check how many you have completed against your ranking points see subject "Ranking up" with the link above. they will only be listed there when you have totally won the challenges, however it will only mark the first three as they is no benefit beyond this...

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    I had that too. You just have to create a difficult one with a slow car and maximum traffic etc...


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