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    Default how do i add friends

    hi guys got TDU today (yay) and i was wondering how i add friends on TDU? or do i have to do it on gamespy??



    ps: how do you search and join a club (in the club location)??

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    Default Re: how do i add friends

    When your cruising around online with a friend you know. You press " F " default key to bring up Free Ride Players in game. And then use your right key to select the friend you want to add then press it again on " Add Friend ". Then when you press " M " to bring up the map select players on the 4 tabs, then press filters and where it says " Players " i think click the arrow and select friends then click on the map and all the people you have added to your friends will show up as red dots on your map. Then just select a friend on the map and you will spawn where they are on the island give it a few minutes for the server to refresh it might take some time for your friend to show. And when you do add a friend while cruising around they must accept your invitation to be your friend. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: how do i add friends

    how do i search for people (say a gamespy ID) and add them as friends?? or join a club?

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    Default Re: how do i add friends

    They have to be online at the time in order for you to add them, unfortunately there is no way you can search 4 random people when they are offline....


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