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    Default Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    Those of you in the mafia cruise last night probably heard me talking about this and just to show I'm not crazy here's the pics to prove it. I only got 2 because one person rammed my car and it fixed the camera back to it's normal position which was a shame because I was going to try and get a few more shots of this cool glitch/bug.

    This is where the view defaulted to, like I was sat in the back but close to the drivers headrest.

    And you can see clearly I am sitting in the back when I panned the camera to the right, very spacious car I have to say. lol

    Makes me want passenger cam as an actual feature !!

    Enjoy !
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    Default Re: Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    Wow thats cool
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    Default Re: Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    wow weard :P
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    Default Re: Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    that's freaky ... how comes you get that and roof cam?
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    Default Re: Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    whoh... how did it start? (did you just change view?)

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    Default Re: Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    i was actually wonderin why you paused it then last night durin the cruise. there's the reason. as i mentioned on the atari forum, its cool to see my gamertag. lol maybe its just me, but its kinda cool
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    Default Re: Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    yer how did you do that?

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    Default Re: Lexus LS460L Passenger Cam !!

    the wood trim seems like a cheetah skin trim lol...

    and imagine to going to the photomode and seeing your had on the rear seats and your body on the front thats quite cool, if there was even red stuff involved, it would be horrible, but wow, that is quite spacious over there, but the headrest seems to have some weird, texture and stuff on it...



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