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    Default arghh! bloody internet!

    Okay guys our home router is on one side of out house and my bedroom is on the other which (Im am downstairs and the router is upstairs) and every now and then it drops out or slows down heaps.

    I bought a repeater at great $$$

    this did make a slight difference but it sill stuffs up.
    I was thinking about running a ethernet cable from my room to the router but it would mean chasing cables through walls and that is a real hassle.

    btw i can't move the router closer because then my parents dont get enough signal.

    Please this is really important either send me a pm or post on here.
    Thanks guys

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    at this point ur options are very limited... if you're going to be at home for another couple of years, it just might be worth your while to run an ethernet through the wall. it is much better than wireless (not as temper mental). my friend has a wireless system that shuts down when it gets hot. i'm not sure if that is the problem or not. I hope that helps, i gave you all the info/input i can.
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    Fortunately, I have a built-in wireless reciever and use free net for like 6 months now.

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    yeah okay thanks man.
    Well i spoke to my computer man today and i bought a new router.
    It works well but the signal strength is low.
    o well.
    thanks anyway guys


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