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  1. NFS Carbon Sounds?
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    Can NFS Carbon sounds be imported to TDU or made, because I'd like to have some sounds from there to TDU to be exact the stock sound of the Corvette Z06

  2. NFS Carbon Sounds? Comments
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    I think the sound files are encrypted.

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    What does that mean? O.o'

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    it means that there is a code that prevents the contents of the file from being extracted without the proper program. basically, just wait a little while and then start checking the NFS forums for modding tools, since it's just a matter of time until someone cracks the code.

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    Well... you can "convert" the sounds from Carbon (and MW, and PS, and UC, and anything else for that matter) to TDU, just record steady samples from different RPM ranges with Fraps. I did quite a few of them for the old NFS High Stakes which uses the same BNK system for sounds.

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    Can you do it with carbon, because it has some realistic and good sounds, the fully tuned Dodge Viper sounds realistic(a little bit) and the fully tuned Carrera GT sounds great!

    I tried Reilsss Dodge Viper sound mod, It was good but sounded too much like a Gallardo V10 than a Viper V10...


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