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    Default slightly grumpy

    grumpy with microsoft.

    here's why:
    i have a 2nd profile on my 360 - i use it mostly to do online races on tdu. it occasionally comes out for a bit of free riding but mostly it's races. i created it mostly to take the flack and bad rep from people that don't like losing.
    anyway here's the problem - everyone knows fizzkid2000 has exclusive cars. now because of sharing the same console profile #2 also has access to them. so profile #2 bought them. but the other day 360 #2 decided it was gonna pack up on me - gotta love ms for that right? we all loves our rrod's.
    so rather than put up with the waiting period of getting the 360 fixed i went and bought a new 360. everything working ok but fizzkid2000 wont be able to use the license migration tool till sometime around april. hence the licenses for the exclusive cars are not shared by all users on this machine hence profile #2 cannot currently access tdu without starting from scratch.
    not a huge inconvenience but here's why i'm grumpy at ms - profile #2 only plays tdu. it's why i pay the extra monthly subscription - THERE IS NO UNSUBSCRIBE OPTION!
    i'd like to be able to stop paying and shut down the 2nd profile till such time i can use it again but is there any way ms will let that happen? seems not.
    i can upgrade the profile so that i end up losing less money as time goes by but for the moment i am paying for something that effectively cannot be used.
    now atari may have to take some of the flack for this for the method in which their game save works but to not be able to cancel a subscription to xbox live is pretty disgusting.
    there is action i can take sure but it will probably involve chatting to a foreign call centre worker for half an hour or more with little or no understanding occurring...

    eeuugh microsoft...
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    You can cancel your subscription, you have to ring Microsoft up and they'll cancel it for you.

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    it's annoying that it isn't an option on your account management screen that's all.
    surely in a fair world there should be a button for all options?
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    wow, thats hard, I sorta stopped TDU 360 and went on to PC... mostly my brother plays it

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    Fret not dear Cabbage.

    Tell you what, we'll do some more races with Project 5000, that'll cheer you up lol
    U mad bro?


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