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    Default I'm Back!!

    I am back to TDU Central! The reason i left was because my grandfather died at the age of 73, and i needed to take a break from video games, and be with my mom. I'm not really sad about it, because he is in a better place now. I didn't expect to be back so soon, but i missed TDU Central, so i had to come back.

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    YAY!! welcome back to TDU-C! sorry to hear that..i hope everything is ok. nice to have you back.

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    You were gone? well um....welcome back. Sorry to hear about your granddad.

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    Sorry to hear that... Glad to see you back

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    back, mate. I knew you wouldn`t be away for long, they all come back soon.

    Sorry to hear that, I know the feeling, my grandma and grandpa both died in less than a year...

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    Sorry to hear that.

    Welcome back

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    Welcome back Spoon, sorry to hear about your lose


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