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    Default If Mad Max had been scored by Lemmy

    VIDEO: If Mad Max had been scored by Lemmy


    Mad Max - Ace of Spades

    My IM dinged with the following message: "Why did nobody think of this before? And if they had, how come I didn't see it until just now? " Those questions come from our buddy, Davey G. Johnson, erstwhile Jalop, extreme Jim Rockford aficionado, and all-around finder of things awesome, like the YouTube link that followed seconds later. It's now embedded above, because some things are meant to be consumed by the masses. A Mad Max clip show set to Motörhead's "Ace of Spades"? Yeah, that qualifies. Strap yourselves in for 2 minutes and 50 seconds of appropriately-scored vehicular mayhem. Consider this your Saturday morning wake-up call. Go grab a coffee and we'll see you back here at 9, when the day's normal posting schedule begins. We've also got plenty of coverage in store from our team camped at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction. Should be fun. See you again in a few.

    Sources : Autoblog & YouTube
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    Hey, Max, got anything to say...

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    O_O epic epic, would + rep but i need to spreads
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    Recurring Theme much? :P

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    I've never seen the film 'MadMax' so I have no comment

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    i love his falcon interceptor
    +rep mate
    *EDIT* i need to spread it around sorry

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    Thanks both for trying, haven`t seen the movie aswell but might do now...


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