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    Default My Logitech G25 has finally given up?

    Hello guys.

    I have had problems with my wheel for a while (maybe 2 month's or more).

    First I got problems with the steering and that it was far too stiff when turning corners etc... It would also jerk suddenly from left to right when playing some games such as Test Drive Unlimited for no logical reason.

    Then one morning I saw the power light on the shifter was really dim. I somehow fixed it by restarting the computer, unplugging cables and the such and it worked for about 2 weeks or so.

    But now today the light went really dim again when I turned on my computer. I unplugged the usb cable, unplugged the power cable and put them back in.
    I tried restarting my computer twice doing different things such as plugging the usb in different usb slots. Leaving it out and putting the power cable in and then plugging the usb in after that to no avail. And now the shifter light won't turn on at all and I think it may have finally gone?
    I tried unplugging the power cable and putting it in a different socket and that didn't help. I even tried (with everything unplugged) taking out the cable into the power supply and putting it back in and then plugging everything else back in again which never helped one bit.

    So now it seems I am going to have to contact Logitech about this and contact the company I bought it from to get a replacement. It's still under warranty as I bought it last March/April and the warrany which comes with the wheel is apparently 2 years and that you can get a replacement with a receipt or something which proves purchase.

    - I haven't modded my wheel or opened it up or done anything with it so the warranty should still be valid. -

    If I were to do this then who should I contact? Logitech and then the company I bought it from, or vice versa?

    I thought I would post up here just to see if anybody knew anything about it and could help me and suggest what I should do.

    It does suck as I was just getting back into rFactor and Test Drive Unlimited etc... so hopefully this is solved and I can get into games again!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Contact the shop first.
    You must have warranty i guess.

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    Id contact the company first then Logitech if the company can't do anything.

    It sounds like a resistor or some component on the circuit board has gone

    Good luck in getting it sorted mate. G25 is a model of reliability.

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    Thanks guys.

    I think I will contact them tomorrow or would Monday be better seeing as it is a weekday although I don't know if I could wait that long?

    I suppose I should use the Customer Service number rather than the Technical Assistance number? They have two numbers when I go to the After Sales section.

    The fact that they (Pixmania, the company I bought it from) are based in France might lead to an expensive phone bill and will have to pay for shipping the wheel to them but apart from that it should be good and they should, in theory, send a replacement to me!

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    Ignore whoever you bought it from.

    Go straight to Logitech, a mate of mine did that and they told him to smash his G25 to pieces and send them proof of the damage. (So that it prevents it being ever used again).

    They sent him the new revised version free of charge after he e-mailed them proof that the G25 won't ever work again, he pussied out of smashing it with a hammer, instead chose to cut up the circuit boards.
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    That sucks

    Got a sort of a problem too, wondering where I should go, cant get to 6th gear.. Should I contact Logitech too? Havent "modded" anything..

    Sry for the "stealing", but getting on my nervs now

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    Sad to here that man. My G25 is still going strong even after I tore it apart and modded it. So my warranty is no longer valid. Good luck in getting a new one.

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    Sorry, I know the thread is a month and two days old, but I've heard from many people who have burnt out the feedback motors. Were you running it really high? Oh, and the TDU weirdness, set overall effects in the controllers control panel to 67%. That worked well for me.

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    mine gave up the other week phoned logitech and they said just to send it to them being fixed in france just now

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    Well I contacted Pixmania about mine today and have asked for a Return Coupon so I can send it back to get it fixed. They say they will reply within 24 hours so...

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    Whats so good about the G25? I never seem to get that... people talk about it as if its the very best wheel in the market

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    Because it _is_ the very best wheel on the market!

    Obviously if you are willing to spend more money on PC hardware than RL things you can get better stuff. Bang for buck though, G25 walks the competition.

    My guess is that you have never used one. Try it.
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