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    Default Renault megane II or III coupè

    hi guys, its possible create the new megane or the second version 3 door or rs version? is my dram and is a beautifull car, replace the alfa romeo gt ???? its very funny, i have the megane II grand tour (sw) its fantastic

    (sorry for my better english)

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    You're right. I prefer turism cars as GT. Think you and lot of TDU players aslo

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    Many NFS Undercover cars have been ported to ZModeler 2. So the Megane III could be done without "redrawing" it

    Concerning the Megane II, there was a project @ months ago, but original modelers gave up with providing this car to TDU.
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    A nice Renault Megane II R26 would rule the hole game.i love that car

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    i'm already trying to make a megane coupé mod

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    Megane 3 from nfs undercover would be nice


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