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    Default After Megapack -> No quick Races.

    I had a problem way back when I was still actively playing TDU, and now after about a year reinstalling I got the same issue.

    After installing the megapack or patch 1.66a (skyline and Rs4 patch) I have no more quick races. You know when you just cruise around and an Ai racer zooms past, you engage a race and set where you want to race to etc etc.

    After installing either patch 1.66a or the megapack (happens with either) I don't have them anymore. I can't challenge the Ai drivers at all, no matter what I do.

    Anybody maybe have a Fix for this maybe?
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    Check your in game options to see if instant challenges are enabled. it's possible that they got shut off when the patch installed.

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    It doesn't work in Hardcore mode. Make sure you press Continue game.

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    not playing hardcore mode, also checked all my options /settings.

    I uninstalled, reinstalled with no patches and I could do them again. so I just installed the megapack, and not hte patch first, still had the issue

    So I uninistalled the entire game again, and did the patch without the megapack, still no luck either. sigh


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