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    Default Gran Turismo Mobile

    Can someone tell me the release date of gt mobile.I have been waiting for 2 years now
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    It ain't ever gonna come. It's in development hell at the moment.

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    The last article I saw concerning it with one of the Gran Turismo team said they were still developing it, but were very busy with GT HD, so now I guess they're mainly working on GT5, so don't expect a release until a while after GT5 (which will be around winter 2011 probably, seeing as they are saying summer 2010 now).

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    That is a shame,I was really hanging out for that game.
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    Yeah, so was I. If you have a PSP with 1.5 firmware or custom firmware on it you can emulate Gran Turismo 1-4 through a couple of emulators, but not that great frame rate .

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    Some new info about GT Mobile for all you people who want to pre-order it

    October 1st 2009 should be fun then.....well for everyone who has a psp .

    (October 1st 2009 being the release date for GT on the PSP of course)

    PS. Almost forgot to say
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    Yes! It's finally here! Now i have the perfect reason to get a PSP, esp since the current model will be cheaper, with the new one on teh way

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    I'm going to get a PSP for my birthday. I'll propably stick with the 3000 model because it still has UMD drive (my sister has a PSP and I have a few own games on it)

    Games I'm getting? GT:M,LittleBigPlanet PSP and Motorstorm Arctic edge. I forgot the rest but I has big plans :P
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    why can't those crazy japs who make GT just give us accurate release dates.

    they did this balls with GT4 aswell.

    "it's gonna be released x day in x month of x year"

    "bet you can't program nurburgring!"
    *gt4 maker rages*

    1 year late release date.

    and also, i can find out what emulator my mate has on his PSP cause he has the emulator that lets ANY PS1 game run full framerate. including, GT2

    i was so happy when he bought it to my mates with that game on. so, very, happy.

    i hadn't played GT2 in like 3 years and it is still my fave gran turismo. it was like being reunited with an old girlfriend or something :')

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    i'm happy with it!


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