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    Default Heyho

    Hello my name is Andreas and Iīm from Austria!!

    This means that it could be possible that my english isnīt the best, anyway I hope that you all know that Austrias isnīt a part of Germany and that any kind of "Nazi" behavior is denied and unlawful in Austria. Last thing I want to say is that this website is really a nice place if youīre interestet in TDU.

    Greetings Andy

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    Another Andreas, here. Enjoy your stay

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    so you're a german?

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    Welcome to the tdu-central. Grammar of the bad is welcome here, we tend to understand it be able to.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    Welcome to TDU:C

    Look forward to seeing you around the island sometime!

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    Welcome to TDUc, hope you enjoy your stay. Austria is a nice country, I hope to go there one day

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDMracer »
    so you're a german?
    Maaan I think you have to take a little look on the map. And if Iīm honest here in Austria we hate Germans, because they donīt take us serious, they think that Austria is a joke and has no influence compared to the influence germany has, but still theyīre spending their holidays in our country^^.

    What I wanted to say is that thereīs a big difrference between germans and Austrians. And come on, I wouldnīt dare to say that Americans and British are the same. Would you??

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    Alright come on now no need to work on the Austria, Germany thing, we're all from the same planet (well except me but shh!) so let's keep it civil and stay away from the politics.

    Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it here.
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