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    Default Help with steering wheel Throttle.


    I use a Mad Catz MC2 steering wheel with a ps2 to usb adapter and it works good except one thing. I want to know how i can make the throttle sensitive (if this is even possible) so i can cruise around and do like 40 and hold it depending on how far down i am pushing the pedal. Im sure that the steering wheel supports this because of the little glowing gauge that shows how far you are pushing down the pedal. Right now its just a button once i push down the pedal to a certain point its like flooring it, but if i let up its nothing. Thanks.

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    hmm the option menu for example?! on the other hand ive discovered that the madcatz hardware isnt the best and it could possible that tdu doe not support it try some other games perhaps the wheel is working with them. If you got the money buy a G25 like i did then youve got no problems.


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    unfortunately, as it is a PS2 > USB adapter, the "Analogue" signal for the pedals is lost. Only the analogue axis for the wheel itself is retained.

    I had that problem when I had a Lotus Elise PS2 Steering Wheel.

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