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    Default need to know car files

    Thank you for reading tis thread. I would like to know the name of the cars. As everyone know, the bnk file is named in short and i would be glad if anyone could help me to identify them?
    If there is already a thread regarding tis, pls post the link..

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    You could write BNK names here, people sure will help you

    But your thread should be in the general modding discussion.
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    These are some:-

    > SPYK_Cpe.bnk
    > SSR.bnk
    > KZ1.bnk
    > Brutal.bnk

    Tat is all 4 now, if ter is some more i'll update it..
    hope sumone can help me out here..
    Thank you..

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    SPYK_cpe.bnk is spyker C8 coupe

    SSR.bnk is chevy ssr

    S281_conv.bnk is Saleen mustang S281 convertible

    KZ1.bnk is Ascari KZ1

    and i think that Brutal.bnk is Mv Agusta Brutale 910S

    hope that helps

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    Sorry to say, but that isnt difficult to find out isn't it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojako8 »
    I opened this and it is the Triumph Speed Triple.

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    now i know tat it is so easy actually..anyway, thank u soooo much tdu central ppl's...


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