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    Default G25 noises

    I just want to check if the noises that my G25 is making are normal.

    I've got a video of it, it doesn't bother me, but if its something worse, like its broken, then it will bother me.

    anyway, heres the vid, does it sound like the rest of your G25s?


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    Its the gear inside the G25 its normal.

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    Good good.

    I knew it was to do with the motor for the force feedback/centering mechanism.

    I just wasn't sure if it was supposed to be that loud.

    Nothing feels wrong, it all works etc.

    Which is more than can be said for my ankle, not good, driving with pedals directly beneath the wheel, . Need a racing seat thingy.

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    It does seem louder than mine, by alot actually. but its normal, as said above.

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    I bought my G25 three months ago wondered about that sound too. I was scared of using it cause i thougt im going to damage it. Take care of the reverse gear. Be veeeery careful my reverse gear broke 2 times. because i threw it in too fast.

    Greets Andy

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    Me to its normally . Your Force Feedback is maybe to strong and there the noise of it , turn force feedback off and you have the problem not more . Sorry for my bad english


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