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    Default Zenvo ST1- Danish Supercar

    Zenvo ST1
    Madly styled supercar boasts a Veyron-besting 1089bhp and 1055lb ft

    "Clearly the world doesn't have enough mad hypercars, with the Bugatti Veyron, Ruf CTR3 and TVR Speed 12 clamouring for more competition. It has come in the shape of this, the Zenvo ST1, quite probably the world's first all-Danish car.

    It's a rear-wheel-drive coupe, propelled by a mid-mounted 7-litre V8 which boasts a supercharger and turbocharger - making it good for 1089bhp at 6900rpm and a fairly frightening 1055lb ft, which is available from 4500rpm. Whether all of that can be transferred to the tarmac without repercussions is an entirely different matter.

    Claimed performance for the 1376kg coupe is 0-62mph in around 3sec, 0-124 in under 9 and an electronically-limited 233mph. That allows it to drive the length of Denmark in 18 minutes, apparently. Mated to that monster engine is a six-speed manual gearbox and a hydraulic limited-slip differential.

    The brakes are ventilated discs, covered up by 19in alloys at the front and 20in at the rear, wrapped in Michelin rubber. Ceramic brakes are on the options list, and quite possibly a wise buy to rein in all that grunt. Also on the options list is a roll cage and four-point harnesses, turning this into a pretty extreme trackday car, no doubt.

    Development on the ST1 has been ongoing since 2004, with deliveries penned to start in 2009. Just 15 are set to be made, with no price tag quoted. It'll be at least six figures, if not seven we'd imagine."


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    I can't believe no one made a topic about this...

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    The front kinda reminds me of the R8 V12 TDI :

    It`s a stunning car, I`m curious if they are going to put it in a drag race with the Veyron and CCXR.

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    It does have some of the looks of an R8 ..
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    Let's hope it doesn't catch fire like the other Danish car, the RoadRazer

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    Looks like a cross between the R8 diesel and a Fezza California. Awesome! I love it...

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    Yeah but the speed is electronically limited, if it was delimited it might be faster than the Veyron

    Yes it does remind me of an Audi R8, except a meaner looking one, I like them both...

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    Reminds me of a croos between a Gumpert Apollo and a Grand Turismo. Very nice though, bet its not "quite probably the world's first all-Danish car." The brakes or suspension or somthing will be from merc or somthing.
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    That car is awesome-looking, I really like it. The pattern the painted front bumper makes looks way better than the plastic square grilles on the Audi
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    that looks awesome, i'd have one without a doubt!
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