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    Default strange profile problem

    I just started Tdu with my normal profile and everything's the same (cars,cash), but the character different and I'm now champion.
    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: strange profile problem

    Yes I know wath that is, it happened to me to...But I wasn't so lucky as you, I stayed at the same level but the races I had already did were all to be passed again, and I had a great sume of cash and enormus number of points in online races and the island had already been all most totally explored...:huh_blue:

    This happened a month ago I think, but I still have problems! The only races I do that stay complete are the transportation ones, the rest doenst register my wins...It's one of the worst bugs of this game, I just wating for the patch, hope it will heal this problem and many others...:eek_blue:

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    Default Re: strange profile problem

    Haha seems like a "fun" problem
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    Default Re: strange profile problem

    Quote Originally Posted by RobertLidstroem »
    Haha seems like a "fun" problem

    A lucky problem!

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    Default Re: strange profile problem

    hi there, this is not a lucky problem im really sorry to say this but your save game got corrupted and if you kept going like this , there is no use, alot of people have the same problem and i learn this the hard way , you have to start again and back up your save game every time because it will happen again and again, the roads that you drove will disappear and you have to drive it again alot of things that you will not be registered plus the game will get slower and when you go to news you will see alot of strange things and the game will crash more often,, it happened to me when i reach 50% and all i had to do is to delete my save game and start again, for more help go to this link
    good luck till the patch comes out.

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    Talking Re: strange profile problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny »
    A lucky problem!
    Sorry, it just HAD to be said! Ha Ha

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    Default Re: strange profile problem

    It seems funny to you guys...Hope it doesn't happen to you, I'm sure you wouldn't be so happy...

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    Default Re: strange profile problem

    Haha, that happened to me too I went from Rookie -> Pro and i had different clothes and a different character. Strange

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    Default Re: strange profile problem

    waw, lucky...

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    Game save corrupted again, different character and if I go to to the "news" tab, It fills the display with crosses (+) and then freezes the game.

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    Happened to me aswell, I got a bald guy with leather gloves

    However the weird thing was that only parts of the road reset so half of my map is now filled with short lines of discovered road. I'll try getting a pic to show you what I mean. Also had the races reset and the weird thing in the news tab.

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    I would highly recommend always Alt+Tab'ing out and Copying the TDU savegame folder or use the Program shown above to do it automatically.
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