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    I have been looking around and I have found that there aren't any performance modifications. So I was wondering if you can have per se a maximum stat SSR (just an example) I was just wondering if this is possible...if so why hasn't anyone made a modification to do so. Let's say you have a mod R8 and it replaces the Noble M14, does the R8 keep the M14's statistics or does it actually have the AWD base with the 420 Horsepower V8?
    Thanks for any help here.

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    There could be performance mods but you couldnt use them online. Atari would ban you the second you log in. it would be considered hacking & atari's anti cheat software would kick in kicking you offline & probably banning you.

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    that would be fine, why not just make it for the offline players?

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    yeah, I don't go online, I wish to change the Mur to 380kn/h topspeed

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    Could you change the actually performance of the cars? Like gear ratios and stuff like that? I thought you could just change the numbers inside the game?

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    I never go online either and I was wondering if anyone has made a performance mod for off-line players. because I was going to request something if someone could make it. Thanks for all your assistance guys.

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    Where can i find some "power mods"?


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