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    Hey guys, I'm new to Live and would love some one to teach me about this online thing. If anyone can help, add me to your friends list... My tag is: HittingChris Thanks in advance


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    Hmm... Wrong place to introduce yourself mate.
    This will likely be moved
    As for now, I've added you to my friends and when you come online, I'll give you tips about it.
    If you need help with Test Drive, I'd be happy to assist.

    "Every action has a reaction. We've got one planet, one chance." - Tim McIlrath

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    ill add u in a min
    gamertag:Bamo2k7 feel free to add me

  4. guitarman1996 is offline Just a Skidmark
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    Default Re: New to Live

    Hi, where should I have posted this then?

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    Introduce Yourself, there is a whole section
    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

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    yea there is man :P its alright though. We all make mistakes.

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    Default Re: New to Live

    Live is great, its a great larf driving around with people and causing carnage lol


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