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    Default camaro z28 = xj220?

    Hello all, im new here. but not new to the game!
    righty well my problem is..i love the camaro...and i love the speed and handling of the xj.

    so ive replaced the renamed the xj file as the camaro.
    the car looks awsome and handles awsome to...

    only problem is the drving postion in the car is so close to the steering wheel, ive tried modding the files in modding tools to no success.

    any ideas on how to combat this problem?
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    Hi,welcome here.
    You can change your seat position in options.

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    ah, yes i know...first thing i looked at.

    that is as far back as it goes:/

    any one?

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    what bout the height of your person?

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    Nope sorry. I think that is one of the negative sides of bodyswapping. Or maybe there is a way, but I don't know it :/

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    dam, wish we could moddify the db files! then i might be able to do it...

    what about it i swap the seat h and seat d files with another car?

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    You need to edit the model. Extract the BNK of your Car and import the 3dg with a FULL version of the NEWEST zmodeler.
    Search for "CARNAME -> D_CAR -> COCK_LR and your seat.
    Move the seat dummies up. Then you will able to seat higher .

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    heya guys....could some one help me out, ive seen to of mis placed my xj and my camaro back ups.

    could some one please up load them?

    thankyou very much


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    Can't upload .bnk files!
    I LOVE Muscle. There`s nothing like the sound of the mighty V8!!!


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    You can go fast...
    I can go everywhere


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