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    Default Who can be made some cars??

    Hi, at first i must say, my englisch is not very good, but i will try my best.
    I hope this thread is in the right forum, if not, im sorry!
    My question is, which guy of you can be made some cars??
    The cars that i would likely to have are:
    Ferrari F355
    Ferrari 599 GTB
    Ferrari 430 Scuderia

    1967 Shelby GT 500 Eleanor, the same how in the Film " Gone in 60 Seconds"
    not the car, that was in Test Drive Unlimited! Eleanor looks very better
    then the car in Test Drive!!
    I hope everyone of you can help me..
    I know, that is very much work to build a car, but it were very very great
    when everyone of you can make this 4 cars!!


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    This belongs to the request section, but someone will move it soon.

    I'd also like to see the F355, maybe just a little bit of exterior modifications to the 512TR to look like the F355 to get the working headlamps, and a new interior

    The 599 GTB is a good replacement to the 612, but I prefer older Ferrari's over newer ones

    The F430 Scuderia someone might make it, but for now I don't think so..

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    Hey steve23 welcome to tdu central . All request should be at the request section . Well I too just wish that the F355 and 599GTB could be in-game as well!
    10 점 완 벽 한 10 점

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    +1 for the scuderia and 599gtb. 355 MEH

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    +1 for the 599 GTB

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    Quote Originally Posted by electr0 »
    +1 for the scuderia and 599gtb. 355 MEH
    I feel the other way around O_O


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