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    Question BMW M5 E39: I Wish and imagination

    Please BMW M5 E39 vehicle models and Sound Mods

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    This Forum has a request thread, why are you not wise enogth to use that instace of creating a own thread that probally soon will be closed ???

    This may help, it can be used as example for any forum:
    Posting and you toturial video

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    true that

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    I can see that you are new here . Welcome to tdu . But please request at the request section . Thanks .
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    it would be good to have one of these cars in game, but yes, please use the request section.

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    I'll Do The Sound Mod When i Get These Evo 6 and 7 Sound Mods Done And Re-Release My Scooby Mod

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    Please help BMW E39. Please Please Please ...

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    I must say, Dont really care wich of them but someone please make an M5.. E34, E39, E60 or E61 just make em Thats the one thing missing in TDU

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    this car is in production^^
    one of the german-board is making it

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