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    Default CS4 Content-Aware Scaling

    New To CS4 was playing with it today came across this, pretty impressive

    One I did

    Seam carving, sometimes referred to as content aware image resizing is an algorithm for image resizing (primarily shrinking) developed by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir.
    It seeks to avoid the drawbacks of other approaches to image resizing like cropping (where parts of the image are cut away in order to reduce the image size) and image scaling (which distorts the image contents if not done both horizontally and vertically by the same factor).
    Seam Carving operates on "seams", i.e. sequences of orthogonally or diagonally adjacent pixels that run from one side of the image to the other, one per column (horizontal seams) or one per row (vertical seams).
    Removing all pixels in a seam reduces the height or width of the image by one row or column; repeated selection of seams to remove can achieve any amount of shrinking. Seam carving can be adapted to image enlargement by duplicating the pixels in a seam.

    source: Wiki
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    That looks great, Cant wait to have a play!

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    Haha I knew about this a while back. Was playing around yesterday and tryed making an F50 Limousine!

    Forgot to save the pic although I will try again.

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    Looks pretty cool . I've got a copy of CS4, played around with it but I don't really like it, think I'll stick with CS3 Extended .


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