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    Default Heyo!!

    Whats up fellow gamers!! TDU has got to be one of the greatest racing games in the history of racing games!! Yep, it's awesome and as you can tell, i love playing it. But, not for racing. I mainly play it now for cruising, and funest of all, drifting! Im on a break for exams right now, but i consider myself a major drifter in the game.

    Me along with daizoid, hosted the 2nd annual TDU D1GP not too long ago. (a recap can be seen on youtube on my channel: If i can remember right, i came in 3rd or 4th maybe? I dont remember. Sadly i was not around for the big drifting community when the game first released, as ive only had the game since a little after Christmas 07 (wow has it been that long??!?!?).

    More about me. If you look at my profile on XBL at any given time, chances are im playing a racing game! That's mainly all i play. Some say im weird, but hey, im a car freak!! I end up trying to drift on every racing game i play, and i am also the owner of the Midnight Club LA Drift Association (

    I used to be a pro-painter on Forza2, but i have retired after getting totally burnt out on the game, and i left the painting community. If you want to see my cars (including painted headlights, Taco Bell car, logos, etc.) search for Hybrid_Theory on the forza forums. I also kept finding myself tuning cars for drifting when i wasnt painting! I got pretty good at drifting on Forza2, but i have since lost all of that talent because i have been inactive on the game for so long. I never really got involved with the drifting community on FM2 much, mainly because i was more interested in painting, and drifting was on the side. After retiring, i switched to other games, mainly TDU again!! I then got really involved with what little drifting community there was still left, and put many of miles on my drift cars!!

    But anyways, thats about it for me!! I might not be quite active for this week but i will try to be active a round here in the 360 section atleast during the coming holidays.

    "See ya in Oahu!!"

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    to TDU:C, Pat. Enjoy your stay here.

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    Hello Pat, nice introduction
    to the board..

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    hey, welcome to tdu-c, so you play on xbox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DR. EVIL »
    hey, welcome to tdu-c, so you play on xbox?
    Read, even before the edit he mentions his XBL profile


    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...

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    Hello there, welcome here!

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    oooh pat!
    welcome to tdu c

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    dude, i saw your MCLA vids they're awsome! too bad i play on ps3, i wanted to drift with u

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    hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome!

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    Hey there... maybe we'll meet up on the island

    Quote Originally Posted by tWm. »
    Read, even before the edit he mentions his XBL profile
    So does he play on 360 then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimBud »
    Hey there... maybe we'll meet up on the island

    So does he play on 360 then?
    No he plays on a super Nintendo

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