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  1. Tool831: Lamborghini LP560-4 [v1.2]
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    lamborghini LP560-4
    Model: NFS: Undercover


    Converted by: Tool831


    Rapidshare Download

    FileFront Download

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  2. Tool831: Lamborghini LP560-4 [v1.2] Comments
  3. DriftNismo is offline 87 Civic GT
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    VERY nice, can't wait for release .

    One question though:

    High poly interior??

  4. Tool831 is offline Mod Maniac
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    Umm not sure just yet.. Ill try my best.

  5. Shy Guy is offline Car Aficianado
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    I knew it would be your next project! :P

    The LP560-4 can replace the Gallardo SE, or if you want more performance the RUF R-Turbo, which has AWD...

  6. Tool831 is offline Mod Maniac
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    Yes sir..

    No.. Anyways it will basically replace whats in the Lambo dealership which yes one of them is the gallardo SE.

    If i can do it ill try my very hardest to reuse the interiors that are in TDU now, but i cannot make guarantees. If i cannot make the 3D interiors work with the model i will use custom texture sizes of the interior so it will not loose quality and look honestly bad like that BMW i did ages ago...
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  7. Shy Guy is offline Car Aficianado
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    Will you ever release a good BMW interior if you have free time?

  8. Tool831 is offline Mod Maniac
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    I would release a interior update.. That would at least make the BMW interior not fuzzy and well [email protected] Anyways lets not wonder off topic.

  9. Perkele is offline
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    it looks a bit like batmobile...

  10. And3rs is offline Here for my yearly visit
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    mmm nom nice Good luck on them

  11. Cuban_Legend is offline I don't like you
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    Hey, i saw this car Before! It was in a Screenshot that you have of your Eclipse Stock Version that you released Earlier Today! Am i right?

    Because i was hoping you would release it! WOW it looks so Sleek! Very Nice Detail!

    Thank you for this Mod as well! Great choice!
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  12. Y00 PAY is offline JizzedInMyCar
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    I've been waiting for those for soooo long . I think it'll be OK if you stick with the current SE and Murcie interior. It is the exterior we want so bad

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  13. SLRRR is offline Ace
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    Looks very good, paint is already done

  14. big-t1991 is offline I´m wanted -dead or alive
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    can´t wait i love the lp560-4

    2004 Renault Clio RS + turbocharger .... I love it!

  15. [RGTC]Brian is offline Rusted Banger
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    Oh yeah! Good look!

    P.S:you have an e-mail (Zmodeler ^^)

  16. mau92 is offline Car Aficianado
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    i've been waiting for this, and its a wow. but plz do the interior i love your iteriors look very similar to the ones that come with the game, for example the fto and the eclipse interiors are the best i always drive with it.

  17. KoenigseggBG is offline Made in 1994
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    You`re just Godlike for making most of my favourite cars. Good luck with the Lambos.

  18. Reilsss is offline That one gold Dragon
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    I'm just happy to see new lambos for now ^.^
    A Gallardo SE replacement is heartly welcome.

    The for the whole process, I hope very much that you can reuse the Eden dashboard models (_i) because they have just such a great amount of detail, it will be difficult to get that quality from a NFS model.

    Then do you know how to add a GPS monitor into a car dash? I know the LP640 can have one, like the Gallardos already do.
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  19. dede-driver is offline Rusted Banger
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    WOOOOHWOOOO ! Monday, thuesday, happy days !!!
    My most wanted cars are all going to exist in TDU :
    Koenigsegg CCX (done)
    Pagani Zonda F (WIP)
    Lamborghini LP560-4 (WIP)
    Lamborghini LP640 (WIP)

    Thank you soooo much in advance.

  20. Ringo_60013 is offline King Of The Classics
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    YEY!!! this is brilliant mate. was just looking for an LP560-4 mod the other day.... one of my favourite lambo's. looks good so far... keep it up!

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    After playing TDU for almost 4 years
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  21. cerespk91 is offline Burnt-out Shell
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    uhh i Love you Tool831

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