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    Default 2 Brand new rFactor CD's for sale

    (If this is in the wrong place, can an admin please move it to the right section, thanks.)

    I also have these on Ebay so I have the right to remove them from sale at any time. If you would rather buy via Ebay I will provide the link below.

    I recently got hold of a rFactor CD from when I brought my Logitech G25 but I had rFactor before so these were just gathering dust.

    These are in mint condition, they have only been opened once. The CD's have no scratches on them and there is no damage on them at all. It pretty much looks as if its just been brought.

    This game is for a racing enthusiast who wants to drive cars in or out the house! It is very compatible with mods, so if you get bored of the cars they give you in game you can download many many good mods for the game.

    I'll let these games go for 10, when they are 25 in store and on the rFactor website. If you would like any more information pm me, I also have pictures that I'll put on here soon.

    If you would rather pay via Ebay these are the links to the CD's:

    The system specifications are very low as follows:

    - 1.4GHz Processor
    - Windows 98 SE & ME(however it won't run in the very first editons of Windows 98), 2000, XP, XP 64bit, Vista, Vista 64bit.
    - 512Mb RAM
    - Geforce 4 4200 or Radeon 9200
    - 128Mb video RAM
    - DirectX 9.0c (this can be downloaded when rFactor installs.)
    -2GB of hard drive space for installation.
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    Are you sure it's the _full_ version?

    I never installed the disc game as I bought my licensed copy off the website.

    I read that the CD's within the G25 box is a trial version only...
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    I'm not sure about the one in the G25 box, I will have to find that one out! Thanks for reminding me.

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    The one in the G25 box is trial version only.

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    What - There both gone already. Damn !

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    Because I mucked them up, I'm gonna repost one of them tonight. They;'re still at my place :P

    Also could a admin change the name to "A Brand new rFactor CD for sale" please? Thanks.


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